Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yeah . . . that Summer thing? Not so much.

It snowed here on the last day of Summer. Woo Hoo! No such thing as Global Climate Change!!

Luckily our tomatoes and peppers survived, but we got them covered asap because we're nowhere near ready to stop harvesting.

All praise the wood stove!! I love our wood heat. Screw forced air of any kind.

Took all kinds of pictures yesterday to put stuff up on eBay for a "friend" but I forgot to take knitting pics. And now it's really wet and rainy outside. I don't care if this wool is superwash, I'm not taking pictures in the rain, lol.

Now. On to paying bills, forcing myself to go to Safeway ::shudder:: and then . . . more knitting! It's winter hat time and I found a cool pattern for WWII watch caps that don't have a tassel at the top. I don't mind tassels, but DH is much too macho for one. roflmao.


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