Friday, September 25, 2009

As the yarn knots . . .

So . . . there I was, innocently browsing Lion Yarn's FB page and they had the cutest pattern for candy corn - in crochet ::spits::. I don't hate crocheting, it just hurts too much. So, in the midst of two socks, two hats and a sweater, I'm faking a pattern to knit (inna round) candy corn. No problem with the yarn - I have acrylic by the . . . shelf full (and a step to get to the top shelf).

And I got to wondering about the kind of person who only ever followed a pattern. That'd be like DH only cooking by following a recipe. He does follow a recipe - once. And only then if it's the first time he's tried it. From there? He cooks by knowledge. Now, I know I ain't been knitting but 10 months, but there's no way I can't not just try something. I mean, it's not going to cost me anything but time and thinkage - I have the yarn and needles ::hugs enabler::.

So, apparently, I'm knitting Hallowe'en candy. Life doesn't get much stranger than this.

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