Saturday, April 18, 2009

Life, what Universe? And something.

Life is running away from me, but, luckily, I have yarn and needles with me.

We're currently on a field trip to Denver, but, because of the weather - snow, snow and snow disguised as rain, going out and about is a royal pain. I've only managed to hit one thrift shop so far (Arc), but have plans for another (Goodwill) tomorrow. No great buys yet. Also, haven't run into any LYS's yet. I'm not heading for any in particular, but if I see one, I'll stop in.

I've been knitting. Yah, I know, not posting anything, and all my pics are on my other computer. This is the traveling laptop. I did finish my first Jayne hat, though. I love it. It's a bit big because I didn't have the exact right size circs called for, so I guessed. It still fits fabulously and looks maaaarvelous! I also made a bitty one that someone (info at home) came up with for a pin. Right now it's sitting on my McD's Stitch Elvis bobble doll. It sooo fits. Stitch is now cunning.

Washcloths are now my friend. Up to the point that I'm trying to design my own designs for them. Messed up the first one, royally, but, that's okay. It's a washcloth. Soap doesn't really care what it looks like. And, like everything, it's a learning experience.

Okay, I'm going back to knitting now. I currently only have one project on needles - besides my "I'm going to knit a square with every type of scrap acrylic I have and make them into a blanket, eventually" project. It's a . . . cozy for . . . ummm . . . a part of a male's anatomy. It's so soft and fuzzy! The cozy, not the body part, lol