Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good thing it's still summer!

Never got around to, ya know, life here. It's been happening out there. OMG, can't believe I haven't updated since April. I know it's picture guilt that causes this. I'll figure it out eventually.

Anyway, there's been knitting and knitting and more knitting, but today also added bottling a stout beer DH made and canning pinto beans I made. It's soooo coool! Take dry beans. Put them in water and ignore them for a day (soak). Drain. Rinse. A lot. Put back in pot, add fresh water, bring to a boil and boil for 30 minutes. Pack into pints (or quarts for them that eats more), and stick in pressure canner for 75 minutes (90 for quarts) at 15lbs pressure. Zip, tang! Fresh home-canned beans. What taste a shit-load better than anything store-bought. (All times and poundage figured for over 6000 feet in elevation.)

Yes, dear niece, you read that right - DH made another stout. And it smells like chocolate. Too bad I don't drink the stuff, lol. We bottled a bitter last Friday, and he's planning on an IPA this coming weekend - which I doubt. He's going out for Elk Saturday and even if he gets one, it's not like he can get it cut, yadda, by Sunday. Then there's that "rest" thing I keep pushing on him. Not that he pays much attention to what **I** say, lol.

Oh, and the grape vines produced like crazy this year! First year for grapes on 3 year old cuttings from an over a hundred year old rootstock. The wine is fermenting already - it's on its first 'wait 30 days and then check it' session. And it's dark. And rich. And what my mom would have called "dago red". It's the first pressing of the grapes and it smells heavenly.

Nuff for now. Back to killing things and knitting.

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  1. Stout, IPA, Wine...dudes, you rock. All this and knitting, too. Awesome!