Thursday, February 19, 2009

How much do I love YouTube?

I just taught myself a new stitch - thanks to YouTube! Yay! I'm really bad about following written instructions - I just can't see what they're talking about. So, I toodle myself over to YouTube and search for 'knit increase stitch' and find an easy to understand video from expertvillage. Quicker than I can knit a row I've learned two ways to increase my stitches.

I love teh intartubes!


  1. Youtube is the best! One can waste the better part of a day on that site!


  2. I used youtube to learn the kitchner stitch. I totally could not grok it until I watched the video.

  3. I adore youtube, especially once I found it's DIY videos by guys with beerbellies section and they say "and this is how you use a circular saw." Ha! Take that absent father, I have replaced you with YouTube.

    And how I found your blog. You were the only other person on dreamwidth who was interested in raising chickens and I was feeling lonely. Then you had "interesting" icons. So I came here. Do you need/want an invite code, fellow chicken admirer?

    (This may seem creepy. It isn't. I swear.)